FEMA IS-315.A Answers

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The course is an Independent Study (IS) program that teaches the relationship between the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the Incident Command System (ICS). The ICS is a proven management system used to maintain the safety of disaster workers, provide clear leadership, and improve rescue efforts.

The course is aimed at CERT program managers, trainers, and emergency responders who may manage or coordinate with CERTs during a disaster or emergency situation. The course includes four lessons covering ICS review, CERT as part of ICS, working with volunteers, and CERT ICS communications.

The course objectives include identifying ICS principles and components, CERT operations within ICS, volunteer motivations and effective utilization, managing volunteers, and effective communication skills and techniques for CERT/ICS communications.

The primary audience for the course is CERT Members, and the prerequisites are IS-100 and IS-317. The course takes 2 hours and offers 0.2 CEUs.

FEMA IS-315.A: CERT and the Incident Command System (ICS) Answers

You are the team leader for a search and rescue team. On the way to an incident, you come across another incident. What do you do:Contact the CERT Operations Chief about the incident and proceed to your original assignment.
When handing over an incident to EMS, you may give an oral or written status update.TRUE
It’s appropriate to use acronyms when communicating if everyone on your team understands the meaning of each acronym.FALSE
You are the CERT Operations Chief and have a three-person team to conduct medical triage. It is effective to split the groups into one team of two and one team of one person to conduct triage.FALSE
Who is responsible for tracking the situation status:CERT Operations Section Chief
Which of the following ratios does NOT represent an effective span of control?10 team members: 1 supervisor
You are the CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader and have prioritized incidents. What is the best action to take next:Form teams that will best respond to each incident and send them to incident locations.
You are the CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader during an activation. The first action you should take is to assign team members to respond to incidents as they show up at the command post.FALSE
Who is responsible for providing food to CERT members:CERT Logistics Section Chief
You are the CERT Operations Chief, and a team leader at an incident contacts you to inform you that a passerby has reported another incident near the team leader’s location. You:Report the new incident to the CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader so that he or she may prioritize it.
You are the CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader. Two team members radio you with reports of two new incidents. What should you do first:Reprioritize all incidents to incorporate the new incidents with appropriate priority.
You must use official CERT forms to provide documentation during an incident.TRUE
The _ ensures that each CERT member has only one person whom he or she takes direction and responds.Chain of command
Which of the following is NOT a principle of the Incident Command System:Using technology to provide status reports
The CERT Operations Chief is responsible for assigning teams to incidents.TRUE
The _ helps encourage rescuer safety by ensuring no CERT member is ever responding to an incident alone.Buddy system
The current CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader needs to transfer the responsibility to you. What is the first thing you should do:Announce to the team that you are now the CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader.
One of the first functions assigned during activation is the CERT Operations Chief.TRUE
Which of the following incidents has the highest priority:Wind has caused a tree to fall into the side window of a house. A man and a small child have evacuated to the front lawn. The man is bleeding heavily from his arm, and the child has superficial cuts on her leg. Both are responsive.
Who is responsible for establishing liaison with law enforcement:CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader
If you are the first person to arrive at your CERT’s pre-designated staging area, what do you do?Wait for the pre-designated CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader to arrive.
You are the team leader for a search and rescue team. The CERT Operations Chief assigns your team to respond to a situation at a local coffee shop. You need to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible. What is the first thing you should do:Ask the CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader for more details.
Who is responsible for coordinating search and rescue operations:CERT Incident Commander/Team Leader
Without using ICS during a CERT response, the team can break down because of:All of the above
You are the team leader for a search and rescue team and are on your way to an incident when you realize there are nine people reporting to you. What is the most effective action to take:Assign one team member to become a leader of a sub-unit within the team, and assign three team members to this leader.


  1. IS-315.A: CERT and the Incident Command System (ICS)

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