FEMA IS-31.B Answers

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FEMA IS-31.B: Mitigation eGrants for the Grant Applicant Answers

Here you can find the test answers to FEMA IS-31.B: Mitigation eGrants for the Grant Applicant.

To update a section of a subapplication, you can select the section name link from the sidebar menu or the subapplication section’s _ on the Application Status screen.Update Application link
Which eGrants role allows Applicants to manage Subapplicant user registration requests?Application processing
What can be provided to a Subapplicant without eGrants access to make the Application Intake process easier?A printed copy of a blank eGrants project or planning subapplication form
When an Applicant reassigns access permissions from one eGrants user to another, the Applicant can select which subapplications the reassignment will affect.TRUE
The FEMA award package includes an Award Letter, the Agreement Articles, and the _.Obligating Document for Award/Amendment
To view the status of a submitted grant application, select the _ on the Grant Application task menu on the Grant Applicant Homepage.Work on Submitted Grant Application(s) link
Applicants can enter their own management costs and technical assistance subapplications into eGrants.TRUE
__ federal awards provide funding to assist communities in implementing measures to reduce or eliminate long-term risks of flood damage.Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA)
The ranking systems for Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant programs are the same.TRUE
If a Recipient wants to correct an error on a submitted quarterly report, he or she can contact the FEMA Regional Office to request that the report be released for revision.TRUE
A subapplication owner may authorize or revoke access to a subapplication for other eGrants users who work for a different organization.FALSE
On a project subapplication, which section requires the Subapplicant to describe how the proposed activity relates to or is consistent with the local, state, or tribal mitigation plans on file with FEMA?Mitigation Plan section
The Applicant’s three main roles in eGrants are eGrants System administration, _, and monitoring?grant program administration
Who uses eGrants to review Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) applications, process them for federal awards, and monitor the status of federal awards and subawards?FEMA Reviewers
To indicate that Subgrant Quarterly Performance Reports will not be submitted for that quarter, a Recipient should _ on the Update Quarterly Report screen.select the Not Electronically Submitted (NES) checkbox


  1. IS-31.B: Mitigation eGrants for the Grant Applicant

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