FEMA IS-30.B Answers

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This is a training course called IS-30.B, which is part of a more extensive FEMA eGrants system training program. The course explicitly covers the functions in the eGrants External System used by sub-applicants. The course objectives include completing, reviewing, submitting, checking the status, and revising a sub-application in eGrants.

Who uses eGrants to review and process Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) subapplications, create FMA and PDM applications and submit them to FEMA, and submit Quarterly Performance Reports to FEMA?FEMA Reviewers
Which type of subapplication is used to apply for funds to promote the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant program to communities?Project
When completing the Applicant Information Section of the application, what is the best method for entering your organization?Enter in the abbreviation for your organization if available
Which statement best reflects the workflow of the eGrants process?Several subapplications are included in an application, which is then submitted to FEMA.
What action can you take when copying sections from an existing subapplication to make sure that all the information in your subapplication is current and relevant?Review grant program regulations and guidance to ensure all required and relevant information is provided in the subapplication
For Subapplicant users, the first step in the eGrants registration process is _.to contact the Applicant to receive an Access ID code
Which type of subapplication is used to apply for funds to complete a “brick and mortar” construction or a type of physical mitigation measures to reduce the risk of future damage, hardship, loss, or suffering?Project
Which section is required for Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) subapplications and requires information on community participation in mitigation programs, Benefit-Cost Analysis of projects, long-term financial and social benefits, timelines, and other information on the proposed project or plan?Evaluation section
Which level of access is required to submit a completed subapplication?Sign/Submit
When copying an existing subapplication, you must copy all the subapplication sections to the new subapplication.TRUE
Which subapplication section asks for detailed information about the organization submitting the subapplication including tax number, type of Subapplicant, and non-profit status?Subapplicant section
What status appears on the Subgrant Status: Submitted Applications screen when an Applicant has requested a revision to a subapplication?Revision Requested by Grantee
Once a subapplication has been submitted to the Applicant, Applicants can contact the FEMA Regional Office so the subapplication can be released, revised, and resubmitted.FALSE
To update a section of a subapplication, you can select the section name link from the sidebar menu or the subapplication section’s __ on the Application Status screen.Update Application link
__ federal awards provide funding to assist communities in implementing measures to reduce or eliminate long-term risks of flood damage.Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA)
Which type of subapplication is used to apply for funds for activities that are directly related to the administration of federal awards or promotion of mitigation activities, including outreach and training, environmental/historic preservation reviews, developing applications, performing Benefit-Cost Analyses, etc.?Management Costs
What level of access can a subapplication owner provide to another eGrants user in the same organization who has been authorized View/Print access for other subapplications?View/Print
Applicants may require pre-applications for which type of subapplication?Management Costs subapplications
When providing access to a subapplication or application to another eGrants user, it is necessary to set a_____.time limit on the duration of the access privileges
What is the function of the task menu on the Subgrant Applicant Homepage?This menu allows you to navigate to a particular task to perform.
A subapplication owner with Sign/Submit access is going on vacation. Which access levels should the owner provide to a co-worker so the coworker can continue entering information into the subapplication?View/Print and Create/Edit
Local governments that use eGrants to create and submit subapplications to Applicants are referred to as __.Subapplicants or Subgrant Applicants
Which status indicates the subapplication has been submitted, but not yet reviewed by the Applicant?Submitted to Stockpile
To view the status of a submitted subapplication, Subapplicants should select the __ menu option on the Subgrant Applicant Homepage.Revise/Amend Submitted Application(s)
If an eGrants user no longer requires access to a subapplication, it is best to _ the user’s access privileges.Deny/Revoke
How many sections of an existing subapplication can be copied into a new subapplication?As many as needed
The Copy Entire Application function is only available if you are copying to the same subapplication type (for example, from project to project).TRUE
Who uses eGrants to create pre-applications for mitigation projects, Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) subapplications, and/or Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) subapplications?FEMA Reviewers
Which checkbox(es) must be selected on the Update Access screen so that the registered eGrants user can review and correct a subapplication?View/Print and Create/Edit
What link should a user with Sign/Submit access select from the sidebar menu when preparing to submit a revised subapplication?Review and Submit link
On a project subapplications, which section requires the Subapplicant to describe how the proposed activity relates to or is consistent with the local, state, or tribal mitigation plans on file with FEMA?Mitigation Plan section
When creating a new subgrant application, you first select the Create New Application link. What is the next step?Enter a title and choose the type of application
Why does the sidebar menu on the subgrant application screen have hyperlinked section names?The hyperlinks allow users to jump right to that section of the subapplication without having to move through all the sections sequentially.
Applicant users are responsible for managing Subapplicant user registration requests.TRUE
What does the “Revision Released to Subgrantee” status signify for a submitted subapplication?FEMA has reviewed a section or sections of a subapplication and has requested revisions to it, and the Applicant has released it for revision by the Subapplicant.
What step can users take to view the FEMA home page from any eGrants screen?Select the “fema home” hyperlink on the main menu.
eGrants supports the FMA and PDM hazard mitigation grant programs, as well as the legacy Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) and Repetitive Flood Claims (RFC) grant programs.TRUE
Which section of a Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) subapplication provides the detailed line item budget for each activity?Cost Estimate section
To authorize another user’s access to a subapplication in eGrants, you must search for the individual’s name on the list of registered users.TRUE
To revise a submitted subapplication because a lower-cost solution was found, a Subapplicant must __.contact the Applicant to request that the submitted subapplication be “unlocked” and returned for revisions
Selecting these screen features will save the information you entered into the eGrants system.The Save or the Save and Continue buttons
Funding for the __ grant program is provided to assist local, state, territorial, and federally-recognized tribal governments in implementing cost-effective hazard mitigation activities.Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
Why was the FEMA eGrants system developed?To provide eligible Subapplicants and Applicants with the ability to manage their subapplication and application processes electronically
To complete a subapplication that has been created in eGrants, select the __ link in the task menu on the Subgrant Applicant Homepage.Update/Complete Un-submitted Application
The final step in the eGrants registration process is __ .to receive an approval email from the FEMA Regional Office
Which statement is a disadvantage of copying information from an existing subapplication to another?Some of the information copied may be outdated or not relevant to a new subapplication or application.
Which screen displays a list of all the subapplication sections and either a “Complete” or “Incomplete” status link?Review and Submit screen
Who uses eGrants to review and process Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) and Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) applications and web applications for federal awards?FEMA Reviewers
Which type of subapplication is used to apply for funds to create or update a local, state, territorial, tribal, or multi-jurisdictional mitigation plan?Planning
A subapplication owner may authorize or revoke access to a subapplication for eGrants users who work for a different organization.FALSE

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