FEMA IS-293 Answers

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This course provides basic training on the Resource Request and Mission Assignment (MA) process, covering the entire process from Request for Federal Assistance to MA closeout.

Course objectives include defining the Request for Federal Assistance, the Resource Request process, and Mission Assignments, understanding the roles and responsibilities of key staff, and describing the various elements of MA phases.

The primary audience consists of FEMA/DHS, state, local, tribal, and other federal agency program and financial staff involved or interested in the MA process.

FEMA IS-293: Mission Assignment Overview Answer

The FEMA Project Manager works with the other Federal agency (OFA) Action Officer to:Develop the Statement of Work.
When the Joint Field Office closes, which of the following activities takes place?FEMA field staff transition all MA records to Regional Office staff.
Who is responsible for reviewing OFA requests for reimbursement, performing MA reimbursement, and helping with financial closeout functions?FEMA Finance Center staff
Which type of Mission Assignment (MA) may be subject to cost-share provisions, normally 75% Federal share and 25% State share?Direct Federal Assistance (DFA)
A review of the Action Request Form by the Operations Section Chief may result in the request being filled through a variety of means, EXCEPT:Through procurement with non-disaster funds.
Mission Assignments are:Work orders issued by FEMA to another Federal agency.
Mission Assignment Task Orders:Combine multiple Mission Assignments into a single Statement of Work.
A new Mission Assignment must be issued for changes in _.Funding.
Which of the following statements on Mission Assignments is CORRECT?Mission Assignments may be used for long-term recovery activities.
Pre-Scripted Mission Assignments:Contain a Statement of Work and projected cost estimates.
The Operations Sections Chief reviews the Action Request Form to ensure that the request:Describes permanent work.
Which of the following personnel MUST sign off in the approval chain for a Direct Federal Assistance Mission Assignment?State Approving Official
Which of the following costs is eligible for reimbursement under a Mission Assignment?Overtime for temporary staff
Which one of the following statements about Mission Assignment billing is CORRECT?Agencies may submit multiple bills against one Mission Assignment.
The signature of the State Approving Official is required for:Technical Assistance Mission Assignments


  1. FEMA IS-293: Mission Assignment Overview

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