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The Public Information Officer Awareness Course (IS0029) is a training program designed to introduce participants to the role and responsibilities of a Public Information Officer (PIO). The course aims to provide a basic understanding of the PIO function for newcomers to the position and executive-level personnel who require knowledge of PIO roles and responsibilities during an emergency.

The course covers topics such as emergency public information, the role, and functions of the PIO, types of written products used in public information activities, preparation techniques for successful media interviews, and the 8-Step Model for Strategic Communications. At the end of the course, participants should be able to apply public information techniques to a scenario using the 8-Step Model.

FEMA IS-29.A: Public Information Officer Awareness Answers

Select the correct definition – Public InformationInformation developed and disseminated in anticipation of, during, or after an emergency to provide specific life- and health-saving information
Communication with internal agency personnel isa required responsibility of the PIO as outlined by NIMS.
Social Marketingtheory is an important component of the strategic communications planning process.
A PIO’s proactive approach to public information enhances credibility in messaging. Proactivity occurs duringdowntime when working an emergency.
Studies show that people read differently online than when they read printed materials, therefore, when you write for the Web or social media you should:Chunk content to make it more scannable
Organizing the information in a news release so that the important information comes first is called:Inverted pyramid
Select the correct definition – Emergency Public InformationInformation developed and disseminated in anticipation of, during, or after an emergency to provide specific life- and health-saving information
A Public Information Officer (PIO) for a public safety or emergency management agency might expect to spend what portion of his or her time on activities directly related to incident response or recovery?5%
The public information officer for an organizationshould be knowledgeable, assertive, credible, flexible, able to perform under pressure, and accessible.
Social marketing is the use of commercial marketing principles to:Influence an audience to modify behavior
“The most important point is …” is an example of a transition phrase or:Bridging
Under the ICS, the PIO works for:The Incident Commander
The PIO’s primary responsibility to organizational leadership as an advisor is to:Be an intermediary between leadership and the news media
Select the correct definition – External AffairsCoordinates the release of accurate, coordinated, timely, and accessible public information to affected audiences, including the government, media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector
Communicating public information messages internally to the workforce is important because it allows the PIO to:Enlist support and involvement of organization personnel while communicating a consistent message
One of the advantages of the Incident Command System (ICS) is:It provides a framework for people from multiple agencies to work well together
The role of the public information officeris to wait for direction from the incident commander.
A theme that begins in this course and is carried throughout the Public Information Training Series, the “95/5” concepttakes its origin from two sources: management consultant D. Edward Deming and Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto.
A well-executed interview will likely notresult in the need to conduct follow-up interviews.
The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is:A Federal structure designed for large-scale, multijurisdictional incidents
Using acronyms in news releases may:Be a barrier to communication
The 8-Step Communication Model includes:All of the above
PIOs shouldseek media release approval from the Communication Unit Leader.
Supporting information can be described as:A validation of your key message
The process for ensuring that a public information message was accurately conveyed is typically called:Dissemination
Blogs are good to use if you want to:Explain your organization’s mission and goals.
A physical location where PIOs can gather and the media can go for ‘one-stop shopping’ is called:A Joint Information Center.
News releases are one of the most commonly used tools by PIOs. The order of information for a news release is:Most important information, sentence supporting the lead, less important information.
Which of the following statements about the skills and knowledge that a Public Information Officer (PIO) needs to be successful is FALSE?A PIO only needs to know what the boss wants them to know.
A hurricane has hit your community, and the media have started to report negatively on your organization’s response. As the PIO, you respond by:Providing information and updates to the media in a timely manner.
An important part of the Public Information Officer’s relationship with the media is knowing what they want. During an incident, the media want all of the following EXCEPT:To disrupt the integrity of the scene.
When presenting at a news briefing or responding to media questions, some do’s include: avoid fillers, look at
the audience, stick to your main point, and:
Turn a negative question into a positive.
As a Public Information Officer, you provide the community with information that does the following:All of the above.
You implement a media pool because:You do not want the media to record certain scenes.
Emergency public information is:Information developed and disseminated in anticipation of, during, or after an event to provide life-saving and other information.


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