FEMA IS-289 Answers

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The FEMA IS-289 course, published on 6/2/2021, aims to familiarize participants with the role and responsibilities of the VAL, emphasizing its importance in coordinating with various partners to support survivor needs.

The course assists FEMA, state, local, tribal, territorial partners, non-profit organizations, and the private sector in effectively collaborating with the VAL.

FEMA IS-289: Voluntary Agency Liaison (VAL) Overview Answer

Which of the following concepts do VALs embody in their roles to connect different individuals and organizations to collectively work together in disasters?Whole Community Approach
VALs play a critical role in which of the four functions of ESF #6?Mass Care
Which of the following is not a VAL responsibility when working with non-governmental organizations?Tasking non-governmental organizations with specific recovery activities
VALs are committed to fostering the four C’s in their work. The four C’s are:Communication, Coordination, Cooperation, and Collaboration
Which of the following is not an example of effective collaboration between local leadership and NGOs?Open and responsive communication
Memorandums of Understanding are statements of _ between collaborative parties to _Intention, achieve a common goal
What is the primary role of the FEMA VAL staff?Coordinating information between FEMA, other government agencies, and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOADs) at the local, state, and national levels
When does the Recovery phase of a disaster situation begin?Following or in conjunction with the immediate response phase of a disaster situation

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