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This course teaches learners how to effectively use the Substantial Damage Estimator (SDE) 3.0 tool. Participants will learn to accurately populate electronic forms, save data, run reports, and import/export data to other formats like Excel.

The course is aimed at Federal, state, and local staff involved in floodplain management and flood hazard mitigation. Key objectives include mastering the SDE 3.0 user interface, data management, and generating/exporting reports.

FEMA IS-284.A: Using the Substantial Damage Estimator 3.0 Tool Answer

Which primary report type provides summary information on an entire community?Community Report
Which report type can be generated for a group of either residential or non-residential structures, but not both?Community Report
Which primary report type provides a one-page summary of each structure in the database?Summary Report
Which tab in the Assessment editor provides results of the Substantial Damage determination?Output Summary
Which is a resource for technical assistance with the SDE Tool?The Hazard Mitigation Floodplain Management division at FEMA HQ
Which is a reason to save enterprise import mappings?It speeds up future imports of data with the same formatting.
Which tool function allows the user to edit more than one assessment data field or record at a time?Bulk Editor
Which function allows users to generate an Excel spreadsheet of filtered data?Add New Property
Where can SDE Tool users find best practices for using the SDE Tool?On the FEMA website
Which report type provides a five-page summary of all data entered into the SDE database for an individual structure?Detailed Report
Which function allows the user to update a specified value in a single field with a new value?Search and Replace
How may users filter data before exporting to Excel?Use the filtering options in the column headers
What must be present in the database before adding a new assessment?A property record
Which primary report type provides structure and damage information on properties in a community?Community Report
Which is a common data entry error that should be included in a basic Quality Assurance review?Incorrect file save location
Where can SDE Tool users find more information about Quality Assurance reviews for SDE data?Substantial Damage Estimator User Manual
Which function allows users to filter, find, and review all records or assessments in the tool?View/Search All Records
Which is a field for which default data can be entered?NFIP Community ID
How may users filter records before exporting SDE data?Use the filter options in the dropdown menus on the export screen.
When importing SDE data into the tool, which option opens the Import SDE Data window?Select Import/Export Functions, then select Import SDE Data.
From where can a Detailed Report be generated?SDE Main Menu
After adding a property to the database, which is the next step in creating a new residential or non-residential assessment?Generating a summary report of the property.
Which function allows the user to add a residential assessment to an existing property?Add New Residential Assessment
Which reports should be shared with the respective structure owners or their representatives?Community Report and Summary Report
Which statement describes a difference between records and assessments?Records contain field-collected data.
When importing non-SDE data into the tool, which step ensures the tool can identify a relationship between import file data fields and SDE Tool data fields?Mapping the data


  1. IS-284.A: Using the Substantial Damage Estimator 3.0 Tool

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