FEMA IS-27 Answers

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This course offers an overview of all field logistics functions and organizational relationships within logistics, including roles, responsibilities, and accountability.

It aims to provide the participant with a baseline knowledge of the standard practices for FEMA logistics operations, from the initial Presidential disaster declaration to the close-out of FEMA field offices.

The objective of the course is to provide participants with a fundamental understanding of FEMA field logistics operations.

FEMA IS-27: Orientation to FEMA Logistics Answers

Incident Support Basesare established if there is an anticipated or actual need for commodities to support disaster survivors
Ninety percent of the Service Branch’s responsibility is composed ofinformation technology and telecom duties
The Ground Support Unittransports personnel, supplies, food, and equipment using fleet vehicles
The Mass Care Support Unitaugments state and local mass care feeding and sheltering operations
To ask for Federal assistance a request must be submitted to FEMA on anaction Request Form
Logistics Management at FEMA Headquarters plans, manages, and sustains national logistics operations in support ofFEMA regions
The Temporary Housing Unitoperates a temporary housing incident support base
In response to a disaster, the FEMA office in the affected areafills requests for logistical assistance from state and federal partners
The Support Branchmaintains functional areas as well as span of control
The Incident Logistics Section Chief is responsible forsupervising the three branches of the Logistics section
The Camp Unit Leaderis responsible for camp services for the disaster responders only
FEMA’s logistics missionmust react to shifting conditions surrounding a disaster


  1. IS-27: Orientation to FEMA Logistics

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