FEMA IS-26 Answers

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IS-26 provides an in-depth look into the planning, operations, and demobilization stages of a Points of Distribution (POD) mission and is intended to support a POD overview video. It outlines the staffing and procedures necessary for states to plan for, execute, and shut down POD operations and includes lessons on safety, equipment, and resource accountability.

The course also introduces the “Adopt a POD” program being used by the state of Washington. The primary audience for the guide is state and local emergency managers. The objectives of the guide are to enable readers to describe PODs, explain how they are set up and operated, and understand how to supervise a POD staff.

FEMA IS-26: Guide to Points of Distribution Answers

PODs are generally open for 12 hours a day.True
A POD is divided into the supply line, the support line, and the vehicle line.True
What are the two teams the POD manager directs?Loading Team and Support Team
A Type III POD has only one vehicle lane.False
The Local Emergency Management Agency (LEMA) is the primary authority for the activation, operation, and demobilization of the PODs.True
POD signage differs for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.False
Once local infrastructure is restored, the Local Emergency Management Agency (LEMA) will begin to close PODs.True
PODs supply the same quantity of supplies to each vehicle.True
Pallets of commodities should be separated at each loading point.True
Accept all volunteers who arrive at the POD site to assist you.False
The Adopt-a-POD program is for recruiting volunteers to staff PODs in the community.True
Accounting for all personnel, equipment, and supplies at your POD is one of the POD manager’s primary responsibilities.True
The media should be encouraged to speak with everyone at the POD site.False
No earlier than 30 minutes before opening your POD:Place your signage out
Each person or vehicle typically receives enough supplies for a household of three.True
PODs accommodate drive-through traffic only.False
The POD Manager assigns position.True
The POD kit contains:Supplies for the site
The largest POD is a Type I.False
Staff operations such as restrooms, break areas, trash removal, staff feeding, and shift schedules are the responsibility of the:Loading Team


  1. IS-26: Guide to Points of Distribution

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