FEMA IS-242.C Answers

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This course aims to enhance communication skills and covers various aspects such as basic communication skills, emergency communication, community-specific communication issues, technology-based communication, effective oral communication, and preparing an oral presentation.

The course objectives are to identify factors that affect effective communication, develop strategies for emergency communication for the whole community, identify strategies for effective communication in emergencies, and improve oral presentation skills.

To demonstrate respect in communicating with individuals with access and functional needs, you should:Approach each individual with interest and openness.
Communication is a what?Two-way process
Which of the following pieces of information could be deleted from a 15-second Public Service Announcement on drinking water safety?Paul Lining has been named Director of Public Works.
How can you assess how anxious you may be BEFORE the speech?Use a self-inventory of what makes you anxious and why.
When giving a presentation, what is a good tactic for engaging the audience?Make eye contact and avoid talking with your back toward the group.
When presenting to an audience:Imagine that you are talking directly to the person who is farthest away.
An effective warning message designed to elicit a quick response from the public includes all of the following components EXCEPT:Historical background
To help project your voice:Slow down and use shorter phrases.
What should you remember when listening to a speaker and thinking about a response?Listen to what is being said so you can reply quickly.
What can you do to present skillful communication while relating to the audience?Make eye contact and avoid talking with your back toward the group.
Which of the following technologies is used (through the Emergency Alert System (EAS)) to convey urgent information?Broadcast Media
What is the advantage of using social media during emergency communication?Messages can be updated or edited quickly.
Active listening involves:Paraphrasing what the speaker said.
If you are feeling very anxious about delivering a speech, the most effective response is to:Practice your presentation until you are comfortable with it.
How can you tell, at the moment that your message isn’t being received?Look for changes in body language.
To actively engage the audience you should avoid:Nonverbal behaviors that could be seen as negative or judgmental.
When talking to a person with a hearing disability, you should:Speak in a normal tone and make sure your lips are visible.
In most emergency situations you will use __ to communicate.A mixture of low- and high-technology tools
Which internet media can be updated quickly, and can incorporate varied media (e.g., print, photos, graphics, audio, video, and live streaming)?Social media sites or websites
What activity can help you improve your presentation?Ask a friend or colleague to observe the presentation and give you feedback.


  1. IS-242.C: Effective Communication

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