FEMA IS-215 Answers

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The course teaches environmental and historic preservation practitioners about the Unified Federal Review Process (UFR) for conducting EHP reviews in disaster recovery projects.

The course objectives include understanding the UFR process and its role in interagency coordination, the UFR advisor’s role, and the available tools and mechanisms for implementing the UFR process. Participants will also learn when and how to use these tools and mechanisms during disaster recovery.

FEMA IS-215: Unified Federal Review Advisor Training: An Overview of the UFR Process Answers

Which of the following does not help to expedite EHP review for disaster recovery projects?Using proprietary data
The ESA Matrix can be used to quickly assess species impacts.TRUE
The FEMA Prototype Programmatic Agreement for Section 106 of the NHPA allows agencies to expedite consultation for activities with limited potential to affect historic properties.TRUE
Which of the following formalizes UFR roles and responsibilities among 11 departments and agencies?UFR MOU
The UFR Memorandum of Understanding establishes:All of the above
All of the following tools and mechanisms may be developed and used prior to a disaster occuring except:Disaster-Specific MOU
The UFR Process changes EHP requirements.FALSE
Which of the following is a benefit of the UFR Process?All of the above
The UFR Advisor is a field position whose main responsibility is interagency coordination across federal agencies.TRUE
Which is not a true statement about the NDRF:The UFR Process does not integrate with the NRDF and must be implemented separately
The Tools and Mechanisms are not implemented during multiple phases of disaster recovery.FALSE
The FEMA EHP Advisor implements the Tools and Mechanisms if the UFR Advisor is not activated.TRUE
Which is a responsibility of the UFR Advisor:Coordinate with disaster recovery leadership on disaster-specific needs
The UFR Advisor will engage with:All of the above
Which of the following describes the UFR Process, the Tools and Mechanisms, and common EHP requirements that apply to disaster recovery projects?Applicant Guide
The National UFR Coordinator provides guidance on implementing the UFR Process to the UFR Advisor.TRUE
The UFR Process will:All of the above
The UFR Memorandum of Understanding does not include:Changes to EHP requirements
The UFR Advisor does not:Complete EHP reviews
The Disaster-Specific MOU does not address which of the following?Changing EHP requirements
The Sandy Recovery Improvement Act (SRIA) of 2013 is the primary source of the UFR Process statutory authority.TRUE


  1. IS-215: Unified Federal Review Advisor Training: An Overview of the UFR Process

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