FEMA IS-158 Answers

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The Hazard Mitigation (HM) Disaster Operations courses are designed to provide an introduction to the functional organization and activities of the HM department. These courses are not meant to prepare new employees for their disaster assignment but rather provide an orientation to the HM department and its important relationships.

The course objectives include describing the major functions and products of HM Insurance, referring to key authorities, programs, and resources related to HM Insurance, identifying key people and organizations for collaborations, and identifying “red flags” that require special handling or additional collaboration.

The primary audience for these courses are HM Insurance Specialists, HM Insurance Specialist Experts, HM Insurance Crew Leaders, and HM Floodplain Management staff.

FEMA IS-158: Hazard Mitigation Flood Insurance in Disaster Operations Answers

HM Insurance shares and communicates with JFO Public Affairs by which of the following?Both of the above
Which of the following are recommended resources for HM Insurance?All of the above
When collaborating with key partners post-disaster, HM Insurance provides which of the following services?All of the above
HM Insurance staff is often the first source of NFIP insurance information for both internal and external entities during a disaster.TRUE
In all disasters, HM Insurance staff provide flood insurance information and assistance when collaborating with key partners. These key partners include which of the following:All of the above
The National Flood Insurance Act (1968) created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) making flood insurance available to communities that adopt floodplain management regulations.TRUE
The most effective way to build and maintain relationships in and out of the Hazard Mitigation organization is:Through clear and frequent communication
Elimination of subsidized premium rates for flood insurance was one of the primary purposes of which of the following?Flood Disaster Protection Act, 1973
Protection of wetlands is the exclusive responsibility of local government, as covered in 44 CFR Parts 1, 2, and 3FALSE
Trust is essential to accomplishing FEMA’s mission and to meeting the goals of Hazard Mitigation.TRUE
The Federal statute that was intended to reduce the number of repetitive NFIP claims while also reducing flood losses and costs associated with insurance claims is the:National Flood Insurance Act, 1968
Which of the following made the purchase of flood insurance mandatory for the protection of properties located in Special Flood Hazard Areas?Flood Disaster Protection Act, 1973
HM Insurance shares and communicates NFIP information with HM Community Education and Outreach (CEO) by which of the following?Responding to requests for basic insurance information from HM CEO Specialists at Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) and other outreach venues
The primary responsibilities of HM Insurance staff in disaster operations are to share and communicate NFIP flood insurance informationTRUE


  1. IS-158: Hazard Mitigation Flood Insurance in Disaster Operations

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