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The purpose of this course is to guide the building sciences community, including COOP planners/managers and building officials, on assessing the performance of their buildings against terrorist threats and ranking recommendations.

The course presents tools to help decision-makers determine the level of risk against each threat and protect against them.

The course objectives include defining the assessment methodology, performing an assessment by identifying and prioritizing threats, consequences, and vulnerabilities, identifying mitigation measures, understanding technology limitations, and appreciating conflicts that may arise.

The course also covers the differences in assessing a facility for vulnerabilities to threats and how that impacts the selection of the site as a COOP facility.

FEMA IS-156: Building Design for Homeland Security for Continuity of Operations

A ________ is an action, device, or system used to reduce risk by affecting as asset, threat, or vulnerability.Mitigation measure
Personal protective equipment is only effective against specific agents if:The PPE is worn correctly when needed
The consequences are defined as the degree of ____ that is caused by the loss of an asset.debilitating impact
A vulnerability can be described as weakness that can be exploited by someone or as weakness that would make a facility susceptible during a natural disaster.Peak incident pressure
Which biological agents are contagiousSmall pox
Which of the following public areas should be separated from areas requiring more security by the use of buffer zones?All of the above
What preparations are needed in order to safely shelter in place?Supplies to seal room, HVAC shutoff, carbon dioxide absorbers, food and water, communications, and a well practiced plan
When designating or designing a Continuity of Operations (COOP) facility,which hazards should be considered?All of the above
Lacerations occur the furthest distance from an explosive event as a result of?high- velocity glass fragments.
Of all blast mitigation measures which is the most effective?All are equally effective
CBR detectors can not be successfully integrated into the buildings security operations center and building automation systems.FALSE
When estimating the direct consequences of an attack you should consider, the target, the effect of the weapon, physical and environmental conditions and ____ ?potential losses
Continuity programs are a required and critical component of Government and critical infrastructure operations, and during emergencies and disasters, ensure that the Government at all levels can continue to operate and provide essential functions and services.FALSE
The concept of Design basis Threat (DBT) is essential to building protection because?DBT establishes the threat tactics that architects and engineers use in designing mitigations for a new structure or renovation.
A threat is any indication, circumstance, or event with the potential to cause loss of, or damage to an asset?TRUE
Which type of map can be used for establishing emergency evacuation routes?regional transportation map
Which of the following is the least desirable type of passive barrier, in terms of its vehicle stopping ability, aesthetics, affect on pedestrian access, and performance in blast loading?Jersey Barriers
In some cases the best mitigation measure may be to nothing?TRUE
According to the FEMA 452 Manual which tier of Risk Assessment methodology requires using blast and WMD models?Tier III
Risk is a combination of: The probability that an event will occur, and the probability that a terrorist will be able to successfully plan an attack?FALSE
Assessing a building’s vulnerabilities requires a multi-disciplinary team. It should not be conducted solely by an engineer or security specialist?TRUE
Assembling a GIS Portfolio can help in performing a Vulnerability Assessment on a continuity facility?TRUE
Layers of defense are used to provide?Multiple opportunities to detect and defeat an aggressor.
Activated Carbon filters are designed to filter a broad range of toxic chemicals, but not all chemicals.TRUE
When conducting a building assessment which of the following should be a member of the multi functional team?All of the above
Which risk management choice achieves the lowest Risk but has the greatest cost?Harden the building
The geographical isolation of the United States is a sufficient barrier to prevent terrorist attacks?FALSE
The four main categories of consequences are?Human impacts, economic impacts, public confidence impacts, and impacts on government ability
Resilience is the ability of an organization or asset to _____ its critical functionality in a short period of time after the impact of an adverse event.Maintain or recover quickly
Which of the following is not an infrastructure single point vulnerabilities common in commercial facilities?All of the above
A single point vulnerability is:A point where multiple systems come together and an incident at this location could cause multiple systems to be taken down
The best way to lower peak incident pressure and the reflective wave is?increase distance of detonation
A _______ is any weakness that can be exploited by an aggressor or, in a non-terrorist threat environment, make an asset susceptible to hazard damage?Vulnerability
The consequences resulting from a pandemic would primarily impact which two areas?A & B
Core functions can include all of the following except?Building utilities.
The process of making the site or building of little to no value or consequence, from the terrorists’ perspective, such that an attack on the facility would not yield their desired result.Devalue
The third layer of defense determines which of the following?Stand-off distance required
A numeric risk value can be computed once the following information is known:Threat rating, consequence rating, vulnerability rating
Which item is an example of a threat and/or hazard that could potentially impact a building or site?All of the above
Mitigation measures can be conducted by which of the following means?all of the above
In most cases trying to add security measures into facility planning proves to be too costly?FALSE
Consequences can include the ____ and cost for infrastructure and equipment, it can also include lost profit or a lost capability.replacement time
Risk is defined as the probability of an event times the consequences if it occurs?TRUE
The initial step of a risk assessment is to:Define and understand a building’s core functions and processes, and identify building infrastructure.
What is the primary method of terrorist attack according to NCTC?armed attack and bombings
The most commonly selected terrorist targets, worldwide, are?Commercial facilities


  1. IS-156: Building Design for Homeland Security for Continuity of Operations

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