FEMA IS-130.A Answers

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This Independent Study course provides an introduction to emergency management exercise evaluation and improvement planning, and establishes the foundation for the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program’s evaluation concepts and practices.

The course objectives include defining the roles and responsibilities of an exercise evaluator, identifying the tools necessary to support a successful exercise evaluation, recognizing the necessary tasks involved in conducting an exercise evaluation, and understanding methods for analyzing exercise data.

The primary audience for the course includes emergency management and homeland security professionals from various fields, such as EM, PIO, Fire, EMS, PH, LE, PW, VOAD, and private industry. The course has a prerequisite of IS-120.c, which is an Introduction to Exercises.

FEMA IS-130A: How to be an Exercise Evaluator Answers

The After Action Report (AAR)/Improvement Plan (IP) should contain:All of the above
Information provided in the Controller/Evaluator (C/E) Handbook includes:Performance thresholds for each core capability being exercised
An evaluator for an operations-based exercise records what data?The participants’ discussions
During the After-Action Meeting (AAM), participants should:A and C
Jurisdictions conduct exercises to:Assess core capabilities
The player hot wash provides an opportunity for evaluators to fill in gaps in their notes.TRUE
During an exercise, the lead evaluator is responsible for:Identifying evaluation requirements
Components of the evaluator briefing include:All of the above
An After-Action Meeting (AAM) should be held after an exercise is conducted. An outcome of this meeting is:Deadlines for implementation of corrective actions
Complete the sentence: _ is key when writing recommendations for improvement.Honesty


  1. IS-130.A: How to be an Exercise Evaluator

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