FEMA IS-100.PWB Answers

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FEMA IS-100.PWB: Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS 100) for Public Works Answers

Which of the following terms refers to the number of individuals or resources that one supervisor can manage effectively during an incident?Span of control
Homeland Security Directive 5 (HSPD-5) requires Federal departments and agencies to:Establish standardized organizational structures for communities to use in response to natural, technological, and manmade incidents.
Select the TRUE statement below.The Incident Commander has the discretion to fill only those functions or positions necessary to meet incident objectives.
For effective span of control, there is a recommended ratio of one supervisor to:Five subordinates.
Which action is INCONSISTENT with ICS chain of command principles?After the Planning Section Chief assembles the Incident Action Plan, it must be approved by the Incident Commander.
Select the FALSE statement below.The Incident Commander must fill all Command Staff functions (Public Information Officer, Safety Officer, and Liaison Officer) for every incident.
The Incident Command System (ICS) is:A standardized approach to incident management that is applicable for use in all hazards.
TRUE OR FALSE: The ICS organizational structure established within the first operational period must be used throughout the lifecycle of the incident.False
All of the following are true, EXCEPT:NIMS requires that the Incident Command System (ICS) be activated as a last resort during domestic incidents.
Select the most compelling reason below to reduce the span of control ratio to 1:3.During demobilization when additional supervisors are available.
TRUE OR FALSE: OSHA rule 1910.120 requires all organizations that handle hazardous materials to use ICS.True
TRUE OR FALSE: To ensure consistency, all incidents will have someone assigned to assume each Command and General Staff position (Officers and Section Chiefs).False
A school district is applying for Federal preparedness funds. What is required?The day-to-day school structure needs to be reorganized into a Command and General Staff structure.
What is the correct term for the ICS principle that all personnel report only to one ICS supervisor?Unity of Command
What does unity of command mean?Personnel report to only one ICS supervisor.
Span of control refers to:The number of individuals or resources that one supervisor can manage effectively during an incident.
When communicating, ICS requires the use of:Plain English.
TRUE OR FALSE: The Incident Command System (ICS) can be used to manage planned events, such as evacuation drills and festivals, in addition to actual incidents.True
Select the FALSE statement below about the Incident Command System (ICS).ICS is primarily a standardized organizational structure (chart) that is used in an identical fashion for every incident.
Select the factor below that is a primary consideration in determine the span of control ratio.Supervisory expertise
TRUE OR FALSE: Resource management includes processes for reimbursing for resources and maintaining a resource inventory.True
Select the FALSE statement below.Chain of command restricts personnel to communicating or sharing information outside their organizational units.
Command is:Directing, ordering, or controlling by virtue of explicit statutory, regulatory, or delegated authority.
The Incident Command System (ICS) is a viable application in all of the following situations, EXCEPT:The oversight of a jurisdiction’s annual budget.
The ability to communicate within ICS is absolutely critical. To ensure efficient, clear communication, ICS requires the use of:Common terminology.

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