FEMA IS-100.LEB Answers

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FEMA IS-100.LEB: Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS 100) for Law Enforcement Answers

What type of command creates a single ICS structure with a built-in process for an effective and responsible multijurisdictional or multiagency approach?Unified Command
Which General Staff position manages costs related to the incident, and provides accounting, procurement, time recording, and cost analyses?Finance/Administration Section Chief
You are a Group Supervisor working in a Branch within the Operations Section. Who is your immediate supervisor?Branch Chief
Which Section is responsible for providing communication planning and resources?Logistics Section
You are working on editing and assembling the Incident Action Plan for the next operational period. Where are you working?Planning Section
You are working at establishing a computer network and communications support for incident personnel. Where are you working?Logistics Section
The major activities of the Logistics Section include:Setting up and maintaining incident facilities.
When implemented properly, Unified Command:Enables agencies with different legal, geographic, and functional responsibilities to coordinate, plan, and interact effectively.
My Section supports the incident response by overseeing contracting for needed supplies and services that are not already available. Who am I?Finance/Administration Section Chief
The Incident Command depends on me to make sure that all incident personnel have the supplies, equipment, and support they need. Who am I?Logistics Section Chief
Which Section is responsible for ensuring that incident personnel have needed transportation, supplies, and equipment?Logistics Section
Incident Commanders within the Unified Command do all of the following, EXCEPT:Work together to establish resource ordering procedures.
Which individual or entity is responsible for conducting long-range and/or contingency planning?Logistics Section
Within the Operations Section, a Director supervises each:Group.
Which Section Chief is responsible for ensuring that assigned incident personnel are fed and have communications, medical support, and transportation as needed to meet the operational objectives?Logistics Section Chief
You are arranging for medical examinations for incident response personnel. Where are you working?Logistics Section
Which Section Chief is responsible for recording personnel time, maintaining vendor contracts, administering compensation and claims, and conducting an overall cost analysis for the incident?Finance/Administration Section Chief
The Finance/Administration Section may staff four Units:
Procurement Unit
Cost Unit
Compensation/Claims Unit
Documentation Unit
TRUE OR FALSE: Under a Unified Command, there are multiple Incident Commanders who work together to establish the incident objectives.True
The major activities of the Finance/Administration Section include:Maintaining documentation for reimbursements.
What is the correct name of the ICS application used when there are multiple Incident Commanders, each representing a jurisdiction, agency, or department that has responsibility for some aspect of the incident?Unified Command
There is a need to organize Groups and Divisions to ensure appropriate levels of span of control. The Groups and Divisions can be organized into:Branches.
The Incident Commander depends on the Logistics Section Chief to:Provide facilities, services, and material support for the incident.
Which of the following Sections is responsible for providing communication planning and resources?Logistics Section

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