FEMA IS-103 Answers

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The course trains students to effectively undertake the responsibilities of a Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Specialist (GISS) in a disaster situation. Through the course, students acquire the necessary GIS skills to provide support to other members of a disaster response and recovery team in a Joint Field Office (JFO) while fulfilling their assigned responsibilities. Additionally, students learn the required product types and procedures for producing accurate and timely products.


It is strongly advised that participants have opened the GISP Task Book or have held a corresponding position in the National Response Coordination Center/Regional Response Coordination Center (if established), before enrolling in this course.

FEMA IS-103: Geospatial Information Systems Specialist (GISS) Answers

Here is a table with answers for FEMA IS-103: Geospatial Information Systems Specialist (GISS).

When checking out of an incident, your responsibilities include:Returning all equipment, checking out of the Automated Deployment Database, and receiving a follow-on assignment
You have been asked to provide a map that includes Individual Assistance (IA) information and that will be distributed to an outside organization. How should you respond?Provide a map that shows densities of applicants, but does not show data about specific individuals
Remote sensing data can be used to do all of the following EXCEPT:Provide predictive impacts after an incident
GIS supports other components in a JFO in all of the following ways EXCEPT:Providing products to support a briefing for Congressional staffers.
Given resource capacity, existing projects, and the timeline, not all product requests may be feasible. During which phase of the workflow process does a GIMG/GIUL have to weigh the feasibility of a product request and decide whether it should be taken up?Product Assignment
A GISP may be asked to produce any of the following products during a disaster EXCEPT:Climate maps
Which of the following choices ONLY includes examples of authoritative data sources?FEMA, the State GIS Clearinghouse, and USGS
Which of the following documents would a GISP use to get information about the organization and management of GIS data and the production of cartographic products and services?Federal Interagency Geospatial Concept of Operations
Qualification and certification within the FEMA Qualification System (FQS) is established through:Experience, training, and demonstrated performance
Conducting a careful analysis of available GIS dataCreates a product that is easier for decision makers to use
All of the following are effective strategies for working within time constraints EXCEPT:Delivering the product later than requested
Two maps that a GISP will need to update intermittently during an incident are:Demographic maps and damage assessment maps
Common disclaimers for products generated by the GIU include:Privacy Act Disclaimers and For Official Use Only Disclaimers
The FEMA Qualification System (FQS):Establishes a qualification and certification system for the FEMA workforce
Which of the following is true about Metadata records?They make a product identifiable
During which phase of the remote sensing workflow process is raw imagery acquired?Collection
To ensure an efficient transition to a replacement, you should:Update all products to ensure they are useable, accurate and professional
All of the following are true about the GIS Specialist Position Task Book (PTB) EXCEPT:Includes subjective comments about a trainee’s performance
When checking into a Joint Field Office, a GISP will do all of the following EXCEPT:Take additional GIS training
Once a GIS product is ready to be disseminated, it should always be:Reviewed by a supervisor or another GISP


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