Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance (EOR) Answers

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Welcome to the test answers for the Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance (EOR).

The EOR focuses on the recognition, identification, and handling of various types of ordnance, including bombs, missiles, grenades, projectiles, and explosives, as well as associated hazards and safety procedures. Knowledge of unexploded ordnance (UXO), their signs, safe handling procedures, and emergency responses are integral components of the examination.

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Which is not a characteristic of a bomb?They have a propulsion system.
What is the dud rate for the typical cluster Bomb Unit?5%
Which of these is non-explosive hazard of a sub-munition?Spring pressure hazard
Which of these is a characteristic of a Combined Effect munition?It can defeat armored vehicles and target personnel simultaneously.
What is one indication that a UXO is a chemical bomb?It may have a strange odor.
Which of these is not a type of air ordnance?Rocket Propelled Grenades
Cluster bomb units consist of what two parts?The dispenser and the payload
Which of these characteristics of a missile differ from a rocket?Missiles have a guidance system.
Identify one TRUTH statement about bombs.Bombs use fins or parachutes for stabilization in flight.
Which of these is a true statement about unexploded sub-munitions?They can detonate from the slightest movement
How can white phosphorus be extinguished?It can be smothered or burned up.
Which of these is a true statement about HEAT projectiles?The fuzes can be activated by any time of movement.
Which of these is a shoulder fired grenade with a propulsion motor?Rocket Propelled Grenade
Which of these is a true statement about projectiles?Projectiles can be fin or spin stabilized.
Which of these statements is NOT a characteristic of a landmine?They are remotely detonated
Which of these areas are most likely to be used as a minefield?Any type of terrain.
Which of these is a true statement about grenades?Grenades can contain explosives or chemical fillers.
Which of these is a true statement about incendiary grenades?They burn at over 3500 degrees Fahrenheit and hot enough to melt an engine block.
Which of these is NOT a type of projectile?Fuzeless shell
Which of these is a true statement about projectiles?All types of projectiles can have explosive fillers and fuzing.
What causes the greatest damage in an explosion?Explosive blast
75 pounds of explosives can propel fragments up to what distance?1 mile
What occurs when the pressure of an explosion expands and tears the casing of the explosive?Fragmentation
Which of these BEST defines any conventional explosive weapon that is capable of a high order of destruction or used in a manner to kill or injure large numbers of people?Hight Yield Explosive.
Which of these is NOT a type of fuze?Head fuze
Which of these explosive hazards is intentionally hidden from you?Booby trap
What are UXOs?Military munitions that are supposed to detonate but did not.
What does a low-order explosive material resemble when exposed to air or sunlight?Dark brown or black rocks
Identify the MOST correct statement about fuses.Some fuses are susceptible to transmissions from radios and cell-phones.
Which of these items usually contains a non-so-obvious explosive hazard?Aircraft ejection seat
What term is used to describe an incomplete detonation, or complete detonation at a lower maximum velocity?Low order detonation
What inhalation hazard may be present in an abandoned enemy vehicle that has been fired by armor-piercing projectiles?Radiological hazard
When calling in a UXO, what is the minimum safe distance for radio transmission?25 feet for handheld radios and 100 feet for vehicle radios
What is EOR?A process to detect, mark, secure and report UXOs
When marking the perimeter of a minefield, how far apart should the makers be spaced?15 meters
Which of these is not an indication of a buried UXO?Large fragments
What is the minimum safe distance to UXO for exposed personnel?300 meters
A barricade constructed around a small or medium UXO to isolated the effects of an explosion is a:Suppressive barricade
A barricade constructed around exposed resources to shelter it from overpressure and fragmentation is a(an):Protective barricade
Which of these is TRUE statement about marking UXOs?Always mark the area, not the item.
Which is part of the CONTROL step when there is a suspected UXO?Use barriers, cordon tape, personnel or any other means necessary
During which step of the 5 Cs should you fill out a 9-line EH report?Confirm

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