Ep-37 What Type Of Boating Emergency Causes The Most Fatalities?

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Ep-37 what type of boating emergency causes the most fatalities?

Answer: Capsizing


Capsizing is the boating emergency that causes the most fatalities because many people drown after capsizing.

A boat capsizes when it turns over or is swamped with water. Small boats, such as canoes and sailboats, are most prone to capsize. One of the benefits is that these little boats usually stay afloat, giving survivors a grip on something for support.

Being caught off guard by a wave or a sharp turn when moving about in the boat, having too much weight in the boat, or unevenly distributing weight in the boat are examples of common causes of falling overboard and capsizing. The terrain makes a difference: difficult seas can result from riding over flat water with no obstructions; on other hand, riding on waves might result in being thrown overboard.

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