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unit circle quiz

Unit Circle Quiz Practice

Questions and Answers to Learn 1) Based on your unit circle cos(0o)= 1 0 -1 1/2 2) Based on your unit circle sin(90o)= 1 0 -1 1/2 3) sin(5π/3)= 1/2 -√3/2 √3/2 -1/2 4) sin(7π/4) 1/2 -√2/2 √2/2 -1/2 5) sin(3π/2) 0 1 -1 1/2 6) Find the exact value of cosine 135º. – √2/2 …

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everfi banking module

EverFI Banking Final Quiz Answers

Terms and Answers to Learn 1) Which of the following is a primary responsibility of the Federal Reserve Bank? Establish monetary policy Pass monetary laws Collect taxes Print money 2) Which type of account will typically have the highest interest rate? Checking Account Savings Account Money Market Account Certificate of Deposit (CD) 3) Which type …

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photosynthesis quiz

Photosynthesis Quiz

Before scientists understood the process of photosynthesis, they were at a loss to explain how plants could grow and increase their mass so dramatically from what appeared to be a steady diet of water. A 17th-century Flemish chemist named Jean Baptista van Helmont thought plants “extracted” the bulk of their food from soil (Van Helmont, …

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which nba point guard are you

Which NBA Point Guard Are You?

In a new poll, a majority of fans think Russell Westbrook should be MVP (50 percent) over Stephen Curry. However, Curry (36 percent) is still a favorite over LeBron James (32 percent). The top two vote-getters were Damian Lillard (17 percent) and Chris Paul (16 percent). In the same poll, the top-three players were: Curry …

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