Bakeries And Coffee Bistros That Offer Pumpkin-flavored Items Only During The Autumn Season Target Their Consumers Primarily Through ________ Segmentation.

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  • psychographic
  • demographic
  • occasion
  • age and life-cycle
  • income


The occasion is the correct answer.

Coffee shops and bakeries use occasion segmentation to target customers who only purchase pumpkin-flavored goods in the fall. This involves separating the market into segments based on times when consumers are inspired to buy, complete their transaction, or use the goods they just bought.

Segmenting your consumers based on occasions enables you to target them better with relevant content and promotional material.

Some products are better suited for certain times of the year, so businesses often wait for these periods in order to maximize revenue and satisfy consumer needs.

For example, you would not wear a raincoat in the summer, and Similarly, an air conditioner would be superfluous.

What Is Behavioral Segmentation?

Behavioral segmentation is a form of marketing that divides consumers into groups based on their behavior.

This can include factors such as purchase history, credit score, web browsing data, and more.

It is one of the most popular methods of segmenting because it allows businesses to target consumers more accurately.

For example, a business might use behavioral segmentation to target customers who have made a purchase in the past month.

This would allow them to send promotional material for similar products or services that these customers might be interested in.

Why Is Behavioral Segmentation So Important?

Behavioral segmentation is important because it allows businesses to target consumers more accurately. This can lead to increased sales and a higher ROI for marketing campaigns. It also allows businesses to better understand their customers and what they are looking for. This understanding can then be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns and improve the overall customer experience.

When firms use symbols, colors, or characters to convey their personalities, they are using ________ differentiation.
Which of the following is true about local marketing?
It increases manufacturing costs.
The practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the tastes of specific individuals and locations is referred to as ________.
When a company interacts one-on-one with large numbers of customers to create customer-unique value by designing products and services tailor-made to individual needs, it is engaging in ________.
mass customization
Bakeries and coffee bistros that offer pumpkin-flavored items only during the autumn season target their consumers primarily through ________ segmentation.
Producers of popular beverages often partner with global music channels to target consumers through a variety of promotional events and advertisements. This approach to marketing is referred to as ________ segmentation.
Argonaut Food Stores, a retail giant, hires better-skilled employees than its competitors by employing strategic recruitment practices. It also conducts highly specialized training programs for its employees. In this case, Argonaut has focused on gaining a strong competitive advantage through ________ differentiation.
At the extreme, micromarketing becomes ________ insofar as products and marketing programs are tailored to the needs and preferences of customers.
individual marketing
Household Storez, a local retail store, claims to offer better products at lower prices than other retail stores. In this case, the firm’s positioning reflects a ________ value proposition.
Stores offering low-quality alternatives to luxury products at low prices most likely follow a ________ positioning strategy.

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