Arrange These Species By Their Ability To Act As An Oxidizing Agent.

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Rank these species by their ability to act as an oxidizing agent from best oxidizing agent to best reducing agent. Ag+ cr3+ sn2+ Na+


We will require the use of a standard reduction potentials table to rank the species. Using such a table, we find that the student reduction potentials of the given substances are:

Ag+: 0.80 V

Cr3+: -0.73 V

Sn2+: -0.14 V

Na+:-2.71 V

As the standard reduction potential decreases, we obtain a stronger reducing agent. We can then rank the species from best oxidizing agent to best reducing agent by rank the species from largest standard reduction potential to smallest standard reduction potential.

Ag+ > Sn2+ > Cr3+ > Na+


Ag+ > Sn2+ > Cr3+ > Na+

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