A Master Plan Is Devised For A. Short-term Goals D. long-range goals

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A master plan is devised for

A. short-term goals.

B. investments.

C. emergencies.

D. long-range goals.


A master plan is devised for long-range goals. It considers the school’s mission, the community it serves, and the resources available. The plan establishes a framework for decisions about curriculum, staffing, facilities, and budget.

Large teams of people, including city dwellers, business operators, and funders, typically create master plans. They’re frequently utilized for cities, airports, traffic planning, and other large-scale projects.

The first step in creating a master plan is to define the problem that the school is trying to solve. For example, a school might want to improve student achievement or increase graduation rates. Once the problem is defined, data are gathered about the current situation. This data might include test scores, attendance rates, and drop-out rates.

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